What are they used for?

They create barriers to retain substances or materials and prevent leaks, particularly liquids and vapors, which represent an environmental risk. They are used to improve the engineering properties of soils.

The thicknesses in which we manufacture them are:

Geomembranes GM13, GM17 and nominal from 0.75mm to 3.00mm of 7m, 7.5m and 8m wide.

What colors are available?

We manufacture in black, which is the most commercial color, but any other color can be made upon customer's request.

What type of resin do we use for its manufacture?

Due to our quality standards, Globalplast manufactures with high density raw material.


Urban Waste Management
Sanitary landfills, in bases and covers.
Storage areas for contaminated soils.
Solid waste treatment areas.

Oil and Gas Industry
Secondary containment tanks.
Dike protection.
Waterproofing of tanks, reservoirs and dikes.
Waterproofing of sludge tanks.

Mining Operations
Leaching piles.
Mining waste dams.
Brine deposits.

Aquifer Sector
Fish farming.
Drinking water reservoirs.
Water irrigation canals and ditches.
Containment and water recovery tanks.
Oxidation pits, base waterproofing and floating covers.

Landscape and Recreational Architecture
Swimming pools for landscape projects.
Ponds and artificial lakes.

Civil Construction
Water canals or ditches.
Tunnel waterproofing.
Retaining walls and areas subject to infiltration.

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