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We are a Peruvian company

committed to quality and service. Our aim is to protect the environment and society, guaranteeing our collaborators and shareholders the quality of our work.

We supply the local and international market with the manufacture and sale of smooth pipes from 16 mm to 1000 mm and ½" to 36" in different presentations. We also supply injected and segmented accessories for the mining industry, fishing, agriculture, sewerage and for all kinds of industry in general, grooved pipes for fiber optics (flexoduct), antistatic and dielectric for cables.

Our new and modern plant located in the south of Lima operates 24/7. We are proud to have achieved the certification of Globalplast in the three standards ISO: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, as well as other certifications. We started exporting in 2015 and today we are present in Ecuador, Panama and Bolivia.

We are proud to be part of Oben Holding Group and to be one of the largest producers of HDPE Pipes in Peru.



We are a company that manufactures and markets polyethylene products of the highest quality. All our products meet the international standards, we work with safe procedures following rigorous quality controls during our production processes and we guarantee the protection of the environment.



GLOBALPLAST SAC seeks to be the main supplier of polyethylene products for the national and international industry, cooperating with the sustainability of our clients' operations through the quality and delivery time of our products.

Our history

More than 13 years of manufacturing the highest quality HDPE pipe.


Globalplast is founded

We started operations in Santa Anita producing telecommunication tubing (optical fiber) 1st. line 1 1/2°= 50mm.

2008 / 2009

In 2008 we produced more than 5 thousand kilometers of tubing, starting our growth in the market.

Three production lines were increased.


In 2011 the company's board of directors decided to renew technology and expand its manufacturing plant.

The plant in Lurin is inaugurated.

2013 / 2015

In 2013 we implemented our laboratory to perform the necessary tests contemplated in the NTP ISO 4427, ISO 8772, ASTM F714, BS 1555 and SPEC API 15LE standards.

ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications are obtained.

2016 / 2018

During 2016, our laboratory was implemented to perform Hydrostatic Pressure, Elongation and Reversion tests.

High molecular weight certification was obtained.


Inauguration of the Chilca Plant.

7 lines are increased up to 1000mm or 36″.

International growth begins in Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama.


 Peruvian company of the year Award.

2021 / 2022

Construction of Geomembranes plant.

Geomembranes prevent the migration of liquids and vapors, help to contain water and different effluents, and prevent contamination from the storage of urban garbage and industrial waste.

We manufacture Geomembranes from 0.75mm to 3.00mm of 7m, 7.5m and Gm13, Gm17 and nominal standards. Gm13, Gm17 Y nominal.


Our company follows this values for management systems:

We work in a fair, honest, loyal, ethical and transparent manner in everything we do. In addition, we honor and fulfill the commitments made in our policy.
We are responsible for protecting our environment through the proper management of solid waste and the efficient administration of resources.
With our attitude we demonstrate our commitment to product quality and our care for the environment.
We are a participative and competent organization that works as a team. Our company follows safe working procedures to achieve continuous improvement of management systems.
We look after the customer's well-being by proactively and selflessly helping them by providing all the features of our products.

Av. Albert Einstein, Lote B4 Z.I. KM 62 Pq. Ind. SECTOR 62, Panamericana Sur, Chilca, Cañete, Lima – Perú

Central :
(01) 719-6919

+51 983 522 660
+51 947 367 413

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